Young adults who grew up with Focusing

1 DVD 68 min

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Can you remember a time as a child when you lost yourself to peer pressure? Do you recall what it felt like to have others tell you what you should do and how you should feel - when your own sensitivities were denied?

In a world where children quickly learn that it’s safer to conform, this DVD will show how Focusing builds self-trust and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

Watch Marianne Thompson lead her 12 year old daughter in Focusing and listen to her children share how, in a span of 22 years, Focusing gave them the tools to navigate life and career decisions as they grew up.

Knowing that her children couldn’t be protected forever, hear how Marianne committed herself to passing on a process that would give her children the freedom and strength to be themselves.

with John and Elizabeth Thompson and their mother Marianne

with Dr. Edwin McMahon