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Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD (Linguistics), learned Focusing from Gene Gendlin in 1972, created the first workshop on Focusing “guiding” in 1983, and today is internationally known for her fine attention to the language that facilitates inner process.

Her books include The Power of Focusing and The Radical Acceptance of Everything, and her new book, Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change is forthcoming from W.W. Norton.

In this presentation given at the Second World Conference of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy in November 2011, Ann Weiser Cornell shows how facilitating Self-in-Presence can be done with simple shifts in language that don’t require explanation, integrating smoothly into any type of therapy.

Clients who are overwhelmed by emotions or merged with reactive states like anger and fear can’t do Focusing from there; they need an inner spaciousness so a felt sense can form.

When clients experience themselves as larger than their emotional states and are able to give themselves compassionate empathy, this supports a primary goal of therapy: helping people live fuller lives that include their whole selves..


with Ann Weiser Cornell

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