The following movements are demonstrated:

The Four Building Blocks
1. Right Environment - Safety
2. The Bodily Felt Sense
3. Compassionate, Empathic Listening from the Bodysense
4. Storyteller as Teacher

Interactive Focusing Process
1. The Focuser's Story
2. The Listener's Reflections
3. The Focuser resonates and gives feedback if necessary
4. Double Empathic Moment
5. Interactive Response? Exchange Roles
6. Rounds of 1-5 until complete
7. Relationship ChecK

1 DVD 112 min



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The Interactive Focusing Process is a forward moving edge of Focusing, incorporating Focusing into the building of relationships. Through the Interactive Focusing Process, we are able to develop empathy and compassion as well as self-empathy and self-compassion. We finally have a "how to" teach empathy and compassion using the Interactive Focusing Process.