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Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. is well-known for bringing her background in linguistics to the teaching and practice of Focusing. She learned Focusing in 1972 from Eugene Gendlin and met Carl Rogers in 1983 at the First International Forum on PCA. Her book, The Power of Focusing (New Harbinger, 1996), has been translated into German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Ann compares Client-centered listening (Carl Rogers) with Focusing listening (Eugene Gendlin) and shows why and how they are different. She defines three purposes for listening within a Focusing context, with examples from actual sessions that are moving as well as illuminating.

In Part Two of the talk, Ann lists a number of choices that a listener can make, either in what to respond to, or in how to phrase the reflection, that give the most support to the Focuser’s process.

This cheerful, humor-filled presentation is admirably highlighted in this video with clarifying visual aids, scenes from nature, and Goran Petrovic’s friendly music.

In this talk given at the 13th International Focusing Conference (Shannon, Ireland), Ann Weiser Cornell explores the power of “listening” - also known as active listening or reflecting.

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