*Familiarize participants with the benefits of Focusing and Thinking methods.
*Apply felt sensing experientially into personal creative aptitudes.
*Learn how to use Thinking and Communicating building blocks (method) as Life Skills.

Growing Edge, Felt Sense and Languiging

1. How is Focusing for Healing and Focusing for Thinking - same and different.
2. Focusing for Thinking as a method and practice for your ideas and projects.
3. Identifying where your growing Edge is - what is it calling you to do?
4. Finding your felt sense at the growing edge.
5. Design, plan and initiate formation for your venture.
6. Explore how public and felt sensing language differ and what the function of each is.

  1. 7.Beginning to write using language that matches your authentic meaning.

  2. 8.Explanation and practice for Partnership collaboration.

  3. 9.Action Steps - Putting your new powers into action - writing, business, education, art

  4. 10. Preparation for Practicum - how and why.