About Teaching and Learning

I decided to use the TAE process recently with a group who were trying to, re-articulate what their idea of their Centre was in the light of some new developments in their area of work. Asking people to say about key words, 'what would you like " .......' to mean, really gets people going and you can go deep and wide with just that. (Mary Jennings, Ireland)

Well, it's nice to tell you a little bit how things went further for me after your workshop. I was intrigued and excited after having attended that TAE weekend. I bought the dvd's on TAE, put them on audio and spent the next 3, 4 months listening to all that is revealed on these recordings, at first totally puzzled, but understanding more as time went by. Finally, I concluded the excitement had grown to an extent that I knew I had to proceed in getting to know this adventurous way of working.  And most of all: thank you very much for providing the initial inspiration and courage to let myself be contaged by this wonderful process of awakening what is most fruitful in us. Thanks! (Frans G.A. Sandbergen The Netherlands)

To feel what I've known is greatly appreciated and then to begin to find a way to precisely convey my understanding is so exciting - I feel so connected - thank you for your generous sharing of yourself. (Brisbane Australia 2006)

Wow, how exciting! I think this is an extraordinary method which can empower my expression in the world. Difficult concepts clearly and practically passed on. (Montreal 2005)

Amazing how the vitality effect of my pre-verbal knowing gets more shape and words and freedom. (The Netherlands 2004)

About Resources

I have watched half of the first dvd (Thinking Freshly from Experiencing) that has to do with Gene and the implicit. Although I have no experience with TAE at all, I absolutely LOVE the video. It is wonderful to watch Gene be himself with his own process. Your commentary is excellent! I love the music and I also love the scenes that transition one scene to the next. I especially like that scene where you walk down to the water's edge and then how to turn around. Lastly, I also like how in your commentaries, you go from one statement to the next. You are truly a video professional! Nada. I look forward to watching this again and again and again!

Nada's book (Grassroots Introduction to TAE Manual) was completed while she was here. (The Netherlands). A big compliment for it's clearness, especially in it's examples! I wish such a workshop to everyone who wants a try with TAE!

We were lucky enough to have the newly published Grassroots Manual to guide our learning - as well as Nada's personal and beautifully structured teaching of TAE. All seven of us came away excited that the weekend had brought each of us something new and something of value. (Reva Bernstein,FI Coordinator California USA)

I've been looking at (DVDs Thinking Freshly from Experiencing) for a few hours and you've done a really nice job laying it out, giving your statements of the crux of each statement, and the interviews are priceless. This one is more lucid that the TAE DVD 14 steps.