Thinking At the Edge (TAE), like Focusing, is a practice developed from the Philosophy of the Implicit.

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I have been teaching TAE to many people in many languages. Groups and individuals I encounter in my classes are linguistically, culturally and directionally as wide-ranging as one can imagine. But one thing in common is the compelling enthusiasm awakened in each individual to express their unique ingenious potential. Why is that? It is because people come to experience how they CAN THINK from their felt sense. You can do that too. This kind of thinking is different because it comes to you at that magical EDGE where you know something that has no words to be expressed with yet. As soon as you pay special attention to it, you realize you are embracing a kernel of something powerful and unique from your own life events. TAE helps you to develop this something unique and powerful that only you carry.

Since its creation some 15 years ago Thinking At the Edge (TAE) has been talked about, experimented with, used by some people and taught in smaller and bigger pieces, around the world. Those who have found this new practice fascinating, practical and inviting are using it extensively and desire to learn how to make it available to others.


It is a set of exact steps to develop a fresh use of language and a new kind of theory to speak from something in one's field which one knows but has not been able to say or write. This is a way to say something that can restructure the basic terms and practices in a field, rather than being able to say what fits the current viewpoint.