Level 1B Listening

ONE TO ONE 6 hours

GROUP 12 and a half hours

  1. -you will be introduced to Focusing listening skills

- DOs and DON’Ts of Focusing listening will be clarified

  1. -you will learn how Focusing Partnership works

  2. -you will practice your listening skills in Focusing Partnerships

  3. -Safety in Focusing will be explained and practiced

- your experience in what are we listening to in Focusing will be refined

  1. -You will be assisted in recognizing Focuser’s felt sense vs talk

  2. -You will practice Reflective Listening and Summary Listening

Level 1A Focusing

ONE TO ONE 6 hours

GROUP 12 and a half hours

- you will experience a lot of personal Focusing

  1. -you will discover your felt sense

  2. -you will discern how to relate to your felt sense

  3. -you will familiarize yourself with to “checking in” and being present to yourself in a friendly way

  4. -you will be able to carry out Short form of Focusing easily

  5. -you will learn how to Clear your inner space

- you will learn the The Six Steps of Focusing 

If you are interested to learn Focusing, to understand the process and be comfortably competent, Level 1A and Level 1B are introductory courses that will provide you with these skills. These two seminars encompass two fundamental skills of Focusing. One is to know and be comfortable with your own Focusing and the other is ability to listen to someone else in a Focusing way. To receive full introduction into Focusing one needs to receive instruction in both.

Upon accomplishment of Levels 1A and 1B you are eligible to enrol for PFP Proficiency as Focusing Partner Level 

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