Tapping into the knowing of your body has healing, generative and creative potential. Your issues, problems, stuck situations are invitations for your life to carry in the life forward direction. Focusing teaches how to be in touch with your felt sense because the body already implies a fresh new living, before your mind can comprehend it.

Human beings carry in their body the meaning of their life. From ancient times people randomly dipped into this area of knowing. We live and function in an intricate complexity of situations that are close and accessible through our experience, but initially not yet to our understanding.

This bodily Felt Sense isn't just getting in touch with your feelings. The "felt sense" is a fuzzy, implied, but not yet formed inner bodily knowing for the precise correct next step in living.

It is a special way of sensing mind-body unity.

When you are troubled by tension around a life issue, your body holds within it meanings which are the healing, life giving pathways. By tapping into this energy source, you can discover a key to what isn't clear about a personal problem or situation. Your body knows how to give birth to it's next creative step, if you can only be with it's natural process of doing so.

Focusing was named and developed by Dr. Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. 

Focusing is a kind of inward bodily attention that a few people have naturally, but which most people don't yet know. It is a way of getting a body sense-we call it a felt sense of how you are in a particular life situation. This is unclear and vague at first, but if you pay attention it will open up into words or images that often will lead to small steps of change, action and new thoughts. It takes some instruction and guidance  to learn Focusing