Level One


Level One is designed for people who are familiar with Focusing, but have very little or no experience with TAE.  Level One is a prerequisite for Level Two.

You will have an adequate amount of time to practice and soundly ground yourself in TAE practice. You will also discover how felt sense and thinking draw on each other in TAE.

You will learn how to scan through your interests and activities to find what you would like to  develop that you haven’t previously had the meaningful words for articulating. You will be introduced to cooperative utilitarian TAE partnership and enjoy its benefits. An overview of what this new and elaborate practice can offer will be shown with a listing of Phases and Steps. You will work on your personal "project" with your partner and learn different methods of how to dialogue between your felt sense and thinking.

Some of Dr. Gendlin's philosophical concepts will be explored to have a supportive cradle for further exploration.

Level Two

Prerequisite Level One. Exception: a previous TAE workshop with Nada or equivalent. This exception will be determined during the Individual Preliminary 1 hour session with Nada.

In Level Two you will be learning many movements, elements, components and features necessary to achieve and carry out work on your own project. Out of a personal living experience that is calling for your attention, you will be able to explicate the essence of meaning from which you can build, write and talk about it in a credible and grounded manner.

Being able to sense what is more than logical in your own work, you will learn that such paradox is a promise from which there is always more that can be generated.

* By the end of Level One sessions you will have a firm grip on what TAE is about, how to work in TAE Partnership, a taste of your own "project", and a way of how to think and speak from your own experiencing.

* By learning how to break the language barrier between "public" words and the language coming from your felt sense, you will be able to speak, write, negotiate, think and communicate out of your own resources that until now have been silent and untapped.