*Familiarize participants with the benefits of Focusing and Thinking methods.
*Apply felt sensing experientially into personal creative aptitudes.
*Learn how to use Thinking and Communicating building blocks (method) as Life Skills.

MODULE TWO 6 sessions
Discovering personal life patterns enable you to expand untapped distinctive meaning into productivity


1. Review of Module One work, questions, issues, whys and whats.

2. Using your Module One project you expand your insights, work and actions further.

3. By exploring personal life experiences you will find Patterns that regulate and direct your habits.

4. You will examine how such life experiences function in your work.

5. By crossing your patterns as building blocks you start to find new ideas and new ventures.

6. You will learn how by Crossing your Patterns, you create new and better action plans.

7. Recommendations and planning for Second Practicum.

PRACTICUM TWO 6 sessions

Practicum is required for all participants in order to complete this course and  achieve the AWARD.

It is also an opportunity to stay connected to one or more Partners as a way for further practice and experiential deepening of skills.

It is recommended to have weekly meetings with your Partner, but not less than bi- weekly. It is also recommended that at the mid-point of your PRACTICUM, you work with a new Partner on a new topic for additional experience. There is no fee for this part of the program.

During your PRACTICUM time you have a choice to work with Nada one to one


with your Partner with Nada’s supervision.

Sessions will be scheduled accordingly.

Fees to Nada for Practicum work is US $ 90 per hour or discount US $ 500 for all 6 sessions.

At the end of MODULE 2 your one written assignment on your whole project (MODULE ONE  and MODULE TWO together) - will be evaluated by Nada and additional guidance will be provided if needed. Encouragement to publish your work will be supported.

AWARD for completion of MODULE TWO will be granted to successful participants.