*Private projects* I have an idea about starting a small enterprise, but I don't seem to know where to start.

*Artistic expressions* I am a musician, my music flows from me easily, but my lyrics are weak. I know I have more to express but it seems I just don't have the right words.

*Academic writing* I am in the process of writing my thesis - I get stuck and discouraged. Ideas come but get jammed into endless loops.

*Professional proposals* I want to present a new promising direction for our company, and I would like to prepare my proposal to be credible and professional.

*Business meetings* I want to prepare myself for the meeting next week by clarifying many issues that are on the proposed agenda.

*Personal development* I know I can have a more successful career, but I need to find what is it that I would be happier to do.

*Partnership dialogue* My girlfriend just doesn't get what I mean when I say "commitment" - I need some better way to say it.

*Family interaction* In family gatherings, what I have to say is very important. My voice is heard but I am not understood correctly or is misinterpreted. I need a better way to say it.

*Negotiation skills* There must be a better system in negotiations than what I am doing. As a business person and educator, I want to find a way to improve this area in my life.

*Public speaking* I wish I could find the way to put into words what I know and want to communicate to this group.

*Education* My course needs updating. How can I preserve what's important and breathe new life into it?

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