About Teaching and Learning

I couldn't have been happier with Nada's instruction. She is so warm, so patient, so focused, and so very quick to pick up the essentials of what each of us were working on in our own process. Her timing and clarity were exceptional. I felt as though I were in the presence of a highly skilled professor who could flip back and forth between right and left brain thinking. Her excitement for each of our unique formulations and her guidance towards helping us elucidate the as yet unknown knowing, is keeping my own inner process alive as I await completion of our learning together.(Barbara Merkur Toronto 2004)

From you I have a clear example of how 1 individual can bring specific gifts to a project. Thank you for the insights, pathways, methodologies, and focuses you bring to TAE teaching. Thank you for the production company through which I can bring Focusing workshops to my living room again and again.

(Participant TAE FISS 2006, NY USA)

I've been wanting to write to let you all know what an invigorating and inspiring day I experienced a few weeks ago at the one day "Introduction to TAE" presented by Nada Lou in Los Angeles. While I've been slowly absorbing TAE through study with Nada  during the past few years, I was really impressed by how much Nada was able to impart to folks who were new to this method of using "Thinking with Focusing." Nada has truly integrated this ability for herself and with her teaching expertise, has been continually discovering ways to make Thinking at the Edge more easily accessible to newcomers. 

(California USA 2004)

About Resources

I recently received Nada Lou's new DVD, describing Gene Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit and Thinking at the Edge. I am only half way through the presentation but I wanted to write to let people know what an accomplishment this is! The DVD shows an organic and spontaneous presentation by Gene in front of a classroom of participants, alternating with summary text and clarifying asides by Nada, who is acknowledged to be a leading presenter of TAE. This is turning out to be a very helpful companion to the previous Thinking at the Edge in 14 Steps. I'd recommend Thinking Freshly from Experiencing for anyone interested in learning about TAE within the context of Gene's broader thinking. Thank you Nada! (Greg Madison TFI Coordinator)

I am digesting TAE one step at a time, and am absolutely thrilled. On the one hand, it's as if Dr. Gendlin has distilled my own implicit discovery process and made it explicit, and that is incredibly validating. On the other hand, this explication opens up such an array of connections and questions back and forth with my own work that I am beside myself with excitement. Another thought: you do great work. I think you have created a very accessible video. Just wanted to say thank you for making this available. (U.K.)