BioSpiritual Focusing - Mysticism for the millions

How Gene met Pete and Ed 5:30

The Body’s Search for Spirit

Felt Sense, Gene Gendlin, Peter Campbell (6:25) 

small miracles and BIG TREES ( 5:55)

Process Skipping Structure (11:00)

                                                    The Biospirituality of Focusing 7:38


Children Focusing: Being Seriously Playful with René Veugelers

Being seriously playful (3:55)

Felt Sense (4 min)

The Experiencing Scales FOT with Akira Ikemi

The Experiencing Scales (6:38)

Facilitating Self-in-Presence with Ann Weiser Cornell

Self-in-presence .. we disidentify (6:17) 

Self-in-presence ..I believe (3:37 min)

Focusing Oriented Art Therapy with Laury Rappaport

Focusing Oriented Art Therapy (5:40)

Clearing a space with art New Links( 5:43)

Focusing through Interactive Pausing Derek McDonnell

Focusing through Interactive Pausing-Live (9:28)

Focusing through Interactive Pausing-Teacher (3:48)

Fostering Focusing with Derek McDonnell

Watch the workshop in action

Bebe Simon How I teach Focusing

Love Exercise

Felt sense Exercise

The Approach Exercise

The Interactive Focusing with Mary McGuire and Janet Klein

Interactive Focusing - Introduction (5:55)

Interactive Focusing - Safety (8:56)

Interactive Focusing- Storyteller as teacher (5:45)

On Three Modes ..with Akira Ikemi

On Three Modes of Focusing (5:15)

Presence, Existence and Space with Akira Ikemi

The Profesor asks the question (2:29)

What is the Felt Sense (3:11)

Presence - The Client's Client (4:04)

Space  (4:44)

Experiencing the Gift (Angel Fire)

Daba to Daba Biospiritual Focusing

The Road Ahead

Origins of BioSpirituality (8:54)

The Impossible dream - The habit of Felt Sensing (9:56)

TAE Trail


THINK DIFFERENT- Focusing for Thinking, Communicating, Expressing (TAE)


Wholebody Focusing with Kevin McEvenue

Alexander Technique meets Focusing (8:02 )

My Important Shift (6:15 )